Two Coasts´Fredda DNA-VP OTDds STDc

Health and Facts


DOB: Feburary 16.2017

ASCA Reg# E200371

red, white, copper

52 cm

long Tail


HD/ED: A1 / 0

OCD: free

MDR1, HSF4, DM, prcd-PRA: N/N (clear)CEA/CH: N/A (carrier)

Eyes: clear

full scissor bite


Breeder: Juliane Weiel


Freddi is our little  longlegged clown and the sweetheart of the family. She is out of my Lio and everything I was ever looking for in a herding dog. For me, she has the perfect amount of trainability. She feels, reads and controls stock in a natural way. It´s very difficult not to destroy the natural talent and ability offered by a very good dog, with the training you put on top ;-). I started trialing her with 1 year of age and we were already very successful… just because she can.

She is a very sensitive dog. In daily life she is a dog that needs more time for socialization, for example to get used to the city. Loud noises have never been a problem. She is nice with dogs but reserved  with new people. She needs some time to feel comfortable but she loves people she knows.

I´m very curious to see what the future holds for this wonderful "little" girl!


Herding Results 2018

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AHBA Trials 2018

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