Herding Results Freddi

WEWASC Merit List 2019

ASCA Trials 2019

Trial at JJ Ranch / NL / June

Freddi finished her open cattle titel and added 1 quali in advanced. Also she finished her advanced titels on sheep and ducks. She is now OTDc ATDds!!! From 13 runs she qualified 10.

She also qualified both runs on mixed farmtrial ducks/sheep and is now OFTDm.

I´m very proud of her!!!



AHBA Trials 2019

WEWASC Merit List 2018

started sheep        place 9             score 180

open sheep            place 5             score 410

started ducks        place 9             score 179

open ducks            place 5             score 410

started cattle         place 7             score 143

ASCA Eidertrials 2018

Freddi made all started titels the first day of trial with a minimum of runs, all qualified. We moved on for open for the next days and she could also earn her open titels on ducks and sheep and got HIT open. She is now OTDds STDc.

AHBA Trials 2018

Freddi got her first legs in AHBA HTD Is and HTAD Isd. Her first trial and all runs qualified!