Northern League

Since 2016 we are a group up to 10 people out of different countries. We all are very fascinated about herding with different motivations. Our main goal is to train our dogs more intensive on different lifestock and on as many different places as possible. We share our knowledge and help each other, doesn´t matter if beginner or more advanced.

We meet a couple times a year, right now at two different places: "Farmen" (Camilla Runchel) and "Two Coasts`" (Jule Weiel & Mattias Svensson).


If you are very ambitious as well about herding… feel free to ask us about an available spot and more information. 


2020 we will meet up in Germany at Two Coasts´ on Februrary 7th+8th, in Denmark at Farmen on September 25th+26th.