I am a proud hobby shepherdess with a small flock of sheep on my little farm. I raise lambs each year and mix different breeds of "landsheep" for breeding. The most influence on the genetics of the last years have had the following breeds: "Rhönschaf", "Spaelsau" and "Gotland". My main goal is to breed sheep that are well adapted to my land, have a good taste of meat and useful wool for felting and skin. When I need to slaughter a sheep I want to use everything it has to give. All my sheep are used to be worked by dogs.


From time to time I need to sell some "dogbroken" sheep. I also sell lamb meat once a year and offer skins.

Contact me if you are interested!


sheep skins

lamb meat


From spring to autumn I raise a bigger group of geese outside on my green fields. Around November they need to leave again. 

Contact me if you are interested in goose meat!

goose meat