"We want to make peacemakers, not soldiers!" (Tanya Wheeler, Herding teacher CA)

We see every single dog as an individual and also each team as unique. The type of herding breed  is secondary. There is a German saying for teaching kids that says: "... jedes Kind dort abholen wo es steht". Translated it means to pick somebody (the dog) up at his or hers current state of development. We don´t expect things from a dog it is not ready for. Our philosophy of training is to build a dog up… like building up a wall, brick by brick. Most important is a solid foundation. If problems pop up in the advanced training, mostly the reasons are revealed by holes in your foundation. When you miss bricks in your wall, your wall may break down. Our goal is to build up a confident herding dog that is able to lead stock and solve problems as independent as possible.

We use techniques like "pressure and release", "instinct work" and "leaded lessons" combined with building up a sound communication and a solid relationship  between dog and handler based on "body language".


We stick to the following principles of learning and teaching:

1. teach (show, let it happen, name it first when the dog shows the right action)

2. ask for it

3. make it happen

"Don´t mistake activity for achievement - practice in the right way."

(John Wooden, college basketball coach)

Training Dates

Summer 2019


New dates from July to start of November are set up. 


 July: Sun. 21.07.19, Sa. 27.07.19

 August: Sun. 18.08.19

 September: Sun 01.09.19, Sun 15.09.19, Sun 22.09.19


Trial Training and training cattle for the Trials from September 23th 

October: Trials 2.10. - 6.10.19,

                Clinic with Tanya Wheeler 17.10. - 20.10.19

November: Sun. 03.11.19


Some dates on Tuesday morning or Thursday evening available. Contact me for more information!

If you think about introducing your dog to herding I recommend you to first come and watch our training. Talk to people who are already into it. You are very welcome to do so in all of our trainings. Just contact me before. 


When you have decided to start herding lessons with your dog, in the first training we will test your dog ourselves in order to feel, see and analyze the natural ability of your dog. Afterwards we plan together what your dog needs in his further training and we help you assume the responsibility for your own training. 

With our training methods there is no limiting age for starting your puppy. 


We mainly offer group training twice a month on Sunday. By watching different people and their dogs at different levels during training you can speed up learning for yourself. 


We train on sheep and ducks all year long. During summer we also offer geese. Different training locations and different kinds of stock makes it possible to find the ideal training requirements for every single dog. We offer several small pens, a sorting area, a round pen, a square pen, a duck arena, a sheep and cattle arena (size for ASCA trials) and big fields for training. 


Two Coasts´ Herding

Juliane Weiel

Neuenfähre 25

25799 Wrohm



Telephone: +49 4802 751775

                   +49 177 6166129

We offer drinks during training and welcome you to add some snacks for the group from time to time. Please bring weatherproofed clothes and footwear to the training.

Teaching Team

Juliane Weiel

Mareike Söder

Ursula Reimers