Puppy Plans coming up for spring 2024

Abby X Steele

Abby and Steel has had their matings 21th and 22the of February. They matched realy good and when everything works out fine we will have a bunch of puppies around 22th of April at Jettes place.

Alita X Koda

Alita and Koda has had their matings 16th and 17the of February. It was a really easy mating. When everything works out fine we will have a gang of red puppies around 16th of April

Two Coasts is an ASCA registered Kennel since 2010. We don´t breed very often and spend a lot of time to think about the right match to produce healthy puppies with a good character and work Ethik.  All of our puppies will be able to do real farm work or to do all kinds of dogsport. We only breed healthy dogs out of proven working lines. Due to our years of experience in herding we know a lot of dogs and different working styles. For sure we breed what we like for myself. I prefer dogs that can solve problems by them self, can work independent and at the same time are easy to train. I also love dogs that feel stock with some eye and working style. Please feel free to ask me about more details. 


All dogs in our breeding program are DNAed and health checked. The puppies will get ASCA papers, chipped, all vaccinations, dewormed and the official puppy eye check before they move to their new home with 8 weeks of age (earliest). They grow up in our house in between our kids and our pack of dogs and also outside on our farm when they are big enough. We care a lot about a good socialization. We also test the puppies on ducks from 6 weeks on.


We don´'t sell our puppies as pets / only family dogs. If you have a job to do for your dog (herding, nosework, dogsports,...) you may have found the right breeder for your needs.


We are a §11 (Deutsches Tierschutzgesetz) certified Kennel!

Our kennel is ASCA registered. We are members as well at "Working Aussies Source" and "WEWASC" and fulfill their high requirements to post our puppies. 


Feel free to ask for more information about our dogs and our breeding goals!

Starting up a puppy on stock