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TWO COASTS` is passionate about Working Australian Shepherds!

We breed working Aussies and use our dogs for stockwork.  We offer herding lessons and organize herding events like clinics and trials. We are located between TWO COASTS in the north of Germany, between North Sea and Baltic Sea, close to the Danish border, but connected to the world.

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That´s us

My name is "Jule" and I´m a full-time mom with 3 wonderful kids, a professional teacher in elementary school, a dog mom and handler, a farmer on my little sheep farm and a herding trainer.

I´m living a busy life but everything I do I really love.


I raised my first sheep when I was 14 years old. Since 2003 I live with Aussies. 2008 I bought my little farm to put all my dreams under one roof.


I love to work with children, grown ups and dogs. As a professional teacher I´m very hooked on creating a collaborative learning process for handler and dog. I want to analyze where problems are or where help is needed. My goal is to build up properly, step by step without any rush. In order to help people to keep track of their training I developed a logbook in cooperation with my friend and teacher Tanya Wheeler and my students. I also like to learn for myself and will never stop looking beyond my own nose!


Herding made me change. I did learn to feel more, be more sensitive in feeling pressure and using energy from my body.

I´m very thankful to have such a good teacher at my site! Tanya Wheeler!!!


"Mattias" and me are a team since 2018. He is Swedish and now we are an international gang, talking 3 languages at home ;-). Mattias is a dad of 3 fantastic kids, a dog handler, hobbyshepherd and very good pack manager.  

He is living with Aussies since 2007 and has been training search and rescue dogs since 1998. Also he has been active in the Swedish search and rescue resource and with missing people as a dog team. Now he is dreaming of building up a business on doing BedBug searches in Hotels with our dogs and offering nosework educations. 2020 he and his dog Dizel finished their professional education in BedBug Search. 


Mattias is also very ambitious and successful in herding with his dogs.

"Two Coasts´, a place where Instinct grows."


We did it :-)


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