Doc Pieper`s Vaquera Indomable DNA-CP STDds

Health and Facts


DOB: April 22.2021

Australian Shepherd


black & white

long tail

15 kg

50 cm


HD: B2     ED: 0

OCD: frei

LÜW: Typ 1

Orivet Panel April 2023: free of all genetic predispositions

Eyes: clear 2023

full scissor bite


Breeder: Kay Pieper

Sire: Cut´ n Loose WW Blue Denim DNA-VP

Dam: WTCH-X Doc Piepers Hija Del Cortador

          AFTDcdsn AFTD-Xs DNA-VP


Owner: Henriette Schwemmer &

             Juliane Weiel


Abby is my sister Jette's new addition in our Aussiepack. She is bred by Kay Pieper and related to Freddi, Zelda and Alita. She is a very happy and confident puppy, loves everybody and is very sozial with dogs in all ages. In her daily life she will accompany Jette around her horse Frenya, like Lumme did before. Abby comes for herding regulary and started her first Trial in 2023. She finished her STDds titel and compeated in open claas the next day. 


We are very curious to see how she will develope.


Herding Results

Working Videos Abby

Puppies Abby