WTCH RD Tucker Creek´s Dizel DNA-VP OFTDm HTAD I dsc HTD I dsc

Health and Facts


DOB: May 08.2016

Australian Shepherd

ASCA Reg# E197084 

blue merle, white, copper

50 cm

long Tail


HD/ED: B / 0

OCD: free

MDR1, HSF4, DM,  MH, NCL: N/N (clear)

prcd-PRA, CEA/CH: N/N (clear)

EOAD: carrier

Eyes: clear Dec. 2023

full scissor bite


Breeder: Tanya & Madison Wheeler 


available for studservice only to approved bitches


Dizel is an outstanding Aussie male. He is bred by Tanya and Maddy Wheeler in Canada and owned by Mattias Svensson. Dizel was in first hand thought to do herding. And that was why he ended up importing this dog from Canada. The second trait for this dog was to train Search and Rescue. He has been training this since the first week in Sweden and is still regularly training and doing very well. He is also active in Missing People. In daily life Dizel belongs to the easiest dogs I know. He loves all people, especially kids and is very easy to handle in all situations of life. Very impressive was how easy he connected with my girls. He just dug himself into Gamba´s area and got friends with her. 



Mattias and Dizel are a very close connected team. He has been trained on stock since his first week in Sweden and showed impressive development. In 2018 Dizel started his first trials and was very successful in all kind of stock. 2019 he finished his Working Trial Campion WTCH and made his Ranch Dog Inspection RD in the ASCA stockdog program. He also competes very successful in AHBA arena and field trials. Dizel has a good feeling for all kinds of stock and shows a lot of natural ability. He is well balanced and has no particularly herding characteristic that is overtaking. He is both strait and round, has some eye, good balance, hits both heal and heads and is confident with a strong will to please.


In 2020 Mattias and Dizel started a Bedbug-Education. They certified in 2021. After "Corona" they are now working together searching Bedbugs in Hotels all over Europe. 


Beside Bedbugs & Herding, Dizel as well does Parkour together with Mattias. 


Herding Results




Working Videos Dizel

Nosework & Parkour Education

family at TC

Sire Bolt

Grandma Jet