Two Coasts´Zelda DNA-VP OTDds

Health and Facts


DOB: April 19.2020

Australian Shepherd

ASCA Reg# E216214

black, white, copper

50 cm

16 kg

long tail


HD: A1      ED: 0

OCD: free

LÜW: Typ 0

Laboklin Panel 2021: clear of all genetic predispositions

Eyes: clear 2020

full scissor bite


Breeder: Juliane Weiel



Zelda is Freda's dog. This litter we couldn´t say "no" to Freda. The bond between this two was way to close already with 6 weeks to give her away. They are something very special for me. Freda cares for Zelda totaly by herself. She is training her in obedience at dogschool and at home for herding and nosework.

When meeting strangers Zelda needs a little time to feel comfortable. Like her mom Freddi she is reserved. 

Zelda is very food orientated (like grandma Lio) and very easy to train (like mom Freddi and dad Dizel), what makes her a perfect match for Freda. Zelda is very focused when training nosework and is picking everything up very quick. On stock she shows some eye and a lot of feeling for stock and natural talent. She is a powerful dog with a beautiful drive.  


I´m very curious to see what the future holds for this lovely team!


Herding Results

Working Videos Zelda

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