WTCH RD Two Coasts´Fredda DNA-VP OFTDm HTAD I dsc HTD I ds

Health and Facts


DOB: Feburary 16.2017

Australian Shepherd

ASCA Reg# E200371

red, white, copper

52 cm

long Tail


HD/ED: A1 / 0

OCD: free

MDR1, HSF4, DM, prcd-PRA: N/N (clear)

CEA/CH: N/A (carrier)

Eyes: clear 18.02.2020

full scissor bite


Breeder: Juliane Weiel


Freddi is our little  longlegged clown and the sweetheart of the family. She is out of my Lio and everything I was ever looking for in a herding dog. For me, she has the perfect amount of trainability. She feels, reads and controls stock in a natural way. It´s very difficult not to destroy the natural talent and ability offered by a very good dog, with the training you put on top ;-). Freddi was ready to work stock since she was a small puppy and always very serious. I started trialing her with 1 year of age and we were already very successful… just because she can.

2019, 2 1/2 years old, Freddi finished her Working Trial Champion (WTCH), made her Ranch Dog Inspection (RD) and started with my 10 year old daughter Freda in Junior Handling. I´m totally thrilled that my daughter just could take her and the sheep walking trough the course without having any knowledge about herding. What a wonderful natural dog!!! Now the real training can start ;-)

2023 Freddi started at the ASSEO (European Championship for Aussies), hosted at our place. She was qualified for ducks and sheep and turned out to place 3th on ducks and 6th on sheep. I'm very happy with my big girl!

Freddi is a very sensitive dog. In daily life she is a dog that needs more time for socialization, for example to get used to the city. Loud noises have never been a problem. It´s the other way around! She loves loud and moving engines and is very curious to explore what it is about. She is nice with dogs but reserved with new people. She needs some time to feel comfortable but she loves people she knows.

I´m very curious to see what the future holds for this wonderful girl!


Herding Results 2023

Working Videos Freddi