"One can not be a good teacher without learning and it is difficult to learn without teaching." 

(J. Willis Hurst, author)

Two Coasts´ Herding is organizing clinics with foreign teachers regularly. Main purpose is to train ourselves. I have been to a lot of clinics with many different teachers and will never stop learning by myself. Since a few years I stick on inviting Tanya Wheeler from Canada (Tucker Creek) once a year. She has been and still is my inspiration and a very good teacher. In addition we try to fill up our "toolbox" by having clinics with Raphi Hischier from Switzerland, one of the best doghandler I know. 

We also offer clinics, teached by us, the Two Coasts´ Herding Team. This includes a theoretical evening with all basic information and lessons with you and your dog on stock. Read about more details to our clinic programm below.

Two Coasts ´ HerdingClinic 2022

 Juliane Weiel & Moritz Stegmann


Herdingclinic Level  I

"Bodylanguage - Pressure and Release"









  Herdingclinic Level II 

"Analyze & Plan" 

after summer 2022





 concept see below

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Herding Clinic  2022

with Tanya Wheeler from Canada


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Two Coasts´Herdingclinic Concept

Herdingclinic Level I

bodylanguage / Pressure & Release

- Theorie Evening: foundation of our Herding Education "the wall"


                                "the bubble" - how lifestock is moving


- human to human lesson of "feeling pressure"   

- human to stock (ducks and sheep) lessons

   "how lifestock moves off pressure"       

- human to dog lesson of "pressure and release"

- presentation about how to move your dog without stock

   with your bodylanguage                

- evaluation of your dog on stock 

- 3 Traininglessons on stock

- personal Coaching

- Reflection due Logbook

Herdingclinic Level II

Analyze & Plan your Training

- Theorie Evening: evaluation of your dogs training

                                Trainingmethods to build up 


                                plan your own Training

                                further Herdingskills

- personal Coaching

  (how is your personality affecting your training)

- independent Foundationtraining (Roundpens)

- 2 Traininglessons to build up your dogs foundation

- 2 Trainingslessons to step forward 


Flyer with Information and Application

Clinic Tanya April 22
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Herdingclinic Level I May 22
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Herdingclinic Level II June 22
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