Abby's Puppies

Abby has been bred to Steele, Dizel's swedish brother, in Feburary 2024.

Thank you Harriet & Thomas for the possibility to use Steele.


Reservationlist has started. Get in contact with us if you are interested in a puppy out of this promissing cross!

About Abby:


Abby is a real friendly and open-minded dog in all situations of live and very easy to handle.

She meets foreign dogs with care and would rather go away then getting in trouble.

During our daily live she joins me in the office or stays easily home alone. In our free time she accompanies me to my horse during stable work as well as for rides in the field or goes jogging with my husband. She is a great companion for our 12 years old son and makes the whole family laughing a lot.

She loves to be active, but days without any action are also easy to accept for her.

Abby had contact to ducks and sheep since she was small and were trained regularly since she was old enough. On stock she shows lot of instinct but is still easy to handle.


Last summer we started on our first trial and finished the started title on ducks and sheep and had already some qualifying runs in the open class. – I am so proud of my little girl!

This litter will be born and raised up at Jettes place. Feel welcome to contact her directly under ++491779358208. Jette is my sister and she lives with her family not far away from us.