Cherusker Holla die Waldfee Gioia ATDd OTDs, ABCD class 2

Health and Facts


DOB: October 02.2021

Border Collie

chocolate, white, tan



ISDS: DE/396498

14 kg

50 cm


HD: A2      ED: 0

OCD: free

LÜW: Typ 1

CEA + PRA: free December 2023

Wisdom Panel from April 2023: free of all  tested genetic predispositions


full scissor bite


Breeder: Tina Eichler



Gioia is italian and means "happyness". This name fits her 100%. She is a super cute, happy and confident puppy. I´m very impressed as well of her being chilled in the house and sleeping where ever. She absolutely prefers to sleep in contact with Freddi and Cassi or one of the other dogs in the pack. All dogs adopted her immediately. We can be lucky that we have enough dogs to share her wild playing times around the day. 

She started to show her high potential as a herdingdog at her first contact wit ducks. Always focussed, a lot of drive, eye, motivation,... She is everything I was looking for in a Border Collie!!!


Thank you so much Tina Eichler from Cherusker Kennel for this wonderfull girl and addition to our Aussie pack. 

I'm so curious to see what the future holds for this little girl!


Herding Results

Working Videos Gioia

Puppies Gioia

For autumn 2024 we are planning a litter with Gio. We are still working on her trial career and on finding the right male ;-)