Herding is about lifestock, not about the dog in first case. You will safe time and manpower by using a herdingdog to manage lifestock on your farm. A well bred and trained dog can replace up to two people handling stock. But first you need to invest time to train your dog. It depends on the natural ability/instinct  and the amount of trainability in each individual dog how fast you will have an reliable partner at your site. This facts are based in the genetics of your dog. Another important fact is your own ability to train your dog. A total newcomer into herding and a very talented dog could be a bad match for example. You should always look out for a teacher that helps you and fits to your needs. Also when searching for the right herding dog look for different breeds and lines with their special styles of working stock and your personal needs. Every dog is an individual with strong and weak sites, … like every human! 

Article from Jule, 2023

Article from Tanya Wheeler, 2019

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