MiVinna´s Two Coasts´Cassiopeia DNA-CP STDds

Health and Facts


DOB: November 06.2021

ASCA Reg# E226131

red, white, copper

long Tail

15 kg

49 cm


HD: A1   ED: 2 beidseitig

OCD: frei

LÜW: Typ 1

Orivet Panel April 2023: free of all genetic predispositions

DM: carrier

Eyes: puppycheck free



Breeder: Emelie Merenius

Dam: Cut'n Loose MiVinna Vega

Sire: WTCH X Doc Piepers Halcon Atigrado 



Cassi is my little Swedish star. Her sire was planned to be bred to my Lio. As life is changing sometimes I'm very thankful that Emelie made this possible. Cassi is a very confident and funny little girl. Our pack included her immediately in the family. 

Cassi is a thinker and very talented in our dogparkour. Her balance and trainability is super nice. She is also very talented and quick learning in nosework. She enjoys to work together with Mattias and me. She loves people and is super nice with kids. Our little son Anton loves to play with her. In herding she is developing nicely, always gentle with the sheep. You can just take her and do all chores needed. Just now she is missing a bit of confidence while pushing sheep. She has all the time she needs to grow up.

Sadly she got bad health results for ED and will not be in our breeding programm.

I'm very curious to see how she will develope further and cross fingers that she will not have any health issues because of her ellbows.


Herding Results

Working Videos Cassi