Videos Puppies first year

Lio X Bow 2017

Freddi is living with me. She is around stock every day on the farm. 

Lio X Mag 2019

This puppies meet first time geese with 4 month old and haven´t been on stock since they left my place with 8 weeks. After the first round on geese we decided to put the boys on sheep as well. The girls got a second round on geese after having a break.

Breeze is first still reserved and distracted. That´s totally normal. You also already see some interest for the stock and a good bond to her owner. Sadly the videos from the second round failed. It was so beautiful to see how much she developed after the break. She was "on" :-). Much more motivated. You could see a good grouping instinct and a very good feeling for the "bubble"/stock.

Sirius is living on a dairy farm. He shows interest from the first moment, followed by being as well distracted by the surrounding from time to time. Nice grouping instinct, a good feeling for the stock and the beginning of the fetch are visible on geese already. On sheep he is not impressed of the much bigger stock. He controls and stops movement. When holding the sheep in the corner he takes off pressure by himself and lays down naturally.

Tonks is really attached to her owner. She shows some interest, but is also distracted. She moves more fast and steps in the "bubble" around the geese. Like burning her paw she jumps out of it ;-)… feeling the pressure from stock.

Moody have been on my place for watching several times before we put him on geese with 3 month and with 4 month. See the big difference. We quickly decided, after the very short run on goose with 4 month, to put him on sheep instead.  

With 3 month Moody is totally "on" at stock. He is very much motivated and almost not distracted at all. He is fast but slows himself down when touching the "bubble" (flight zone) of the goose. He is the most confident pup out of this litter. You can see that as well here. With 4 month of age Moody is to much for the goose. He has a lot of speed, but still stops himself by running to close. Nice flanking around the goose, almost square. On sheep he is very motivated to push sheep forward and create movement. As well he shows a very nice grouping instinct.

Freddi X Dizel 2020

We had all puppies on ducks with 6 and 8 weeks. There was some interest, but nothing compared with 12 weeks. Alita, Zelda and Ayla did stay at our place. They have been almost too intensiv for ducks already with 12 weeks. So they did meet the whole flock of sheep one day later.