Herding Results Dizel

ASCA Eidertrials 2022

Dizel and Mattias where going for collecting "finals points" (results over 100) on sheep and ducks. He earned 1 point on ducks and 6 1/2 points on sheep. 

ASSEO 2023

Dizel and Mattias qualified and started on ducks and sheep at the European Championship for Aussies. They paced 7th on ducks and 9th on sheep... with almost xero training. My Dreamteam!!!

ASCA Trials JJ Ranch 2019

Trial at JJ Ranch / NL / June

Dizel finished his open cattle titel and added 1 quali in advanced. Also he finished his advanced titels on sheep and ducks. He is now OTDc ATDds!!! 

He also qualified both runs on mixed farmtrial ducks/sheep and is now OFTDm.

We are very proud of him!!!


ASCA Eidertrials 2019

Two Coasts´ ASCA Trials / October

Dizel qualified all runs on geese and sheep with some very nice places and points over 100 and the one cattle run he needed for his WTCH  :-)

He also made his RD title the same days. We are mega proud of this nice guy who worked his ass off for Mattias.

AHBA Trials 2019

Dizel and Mattias started very successful in AHBA on all stock in field and arena trials. He qualified all runs they entered and made the titless:

HTAD I on ducks, sheep and cattle

HTD I on ducks, sheep and cattle


He also got High Combined HTD I.. 

We are so mega proud of these wonderful team!!!


SASK Year End Results

Dizel got second place of Swedish Aussies starting at ASCA Trials.

ASCA Eidertrials 2018

Dizel made all started titels the first day of trial with a minimum of runs, all qualified. They moved on for open for the next days and he could also earn his open titels on ducks and sheep and got HIT open. He is now OTDds STDc.

AHBA Trials 2018

Dizel got his first legs in AHBA HTD Is and HTAD Isd. His first trial and all runs qualified!