Herding Results Gioia

ASCA Trials



Sadly I didn't enter Gioia on cattle. A few weeks ago I started her on a group of cows in Sweden and she did soooo good. At home she helped us to prepare the cattle for the trials. She has a really good feeling for the right spot and would heel and head if needed. 

At the trials she entered sheep and ducks in open and after her two qualified runs in advanced. She finished her ATDd with winning every trial on first place and "High in Trial Other Breed". Highest score was 120 out of 125 points. 

On sheep she did winn with first place and got HIT Other Breed or she could not move the sheep far enough away from the heavy draw. It was twice the same sheep that refused to walk and biting was no option. So she finished OTDs and could winn one advanced qualification. One more to go for the next trials!



I wanted Gio to sniff some "trial atmosphere". With 10 month of age and only a stop command she mannaged it to qualify all her runs (2 per day, 1 sheep and 1 geese) just by using her instinct. Twice she got "High in Trial other breed started" and a couple of first and second places. She finished her Titel STDsd. I couldn't be more proud!!! What a perfect little girl :-)


In September we started in Hösbach at the ASCA trials 1 time in started ducks and 1 time in started sheep. Gio qualified both runs and got 1 place in both. She as well got won High in Trial started other breed. 


ABCD Trials

Weserberland Trials Klasse 1



Gio and me did enter class 1 on both days. The quality of the starting teams was very high. The sheep was super nice.

On Saturday Gio and me got a lot of praise from the spectators and placed 5th at the end of the day.

On Sunday we could place second :-)


I'm super proud of my little Border Collie!

January 2023


Class 1 Trial: Gioia did very well but kept a big distance while driving. I didn´t know the rules well enough, so we lost a lot of points. 

November 2022


We started our first trial under Border Collies, a team trial. Fun to try, builded up like a farm trial. Gio got place 7 from 12 with her team partner and last place on day two. She was working very hard and I´m super proud of her. Sadly we've got a really diffucult group compared to all the other runs. But very nice training... and she was the Baby ;-)