Herding Results Gioia

ASCA Trials



I wanted Gio to sniff some "trial atmosphere". With 10 month of age and only a stop command she mannaged it to qualify all her runs (2 per day, 1 sheep and 1 geese) just by using her instinct. Twice she got "High in Trial other breed started" and a couple of first and second places. She finished her Titel STDsd. I couldn't be more proud!!! What a perfect little girl :-)


In September we started in Hösbach at the ASCA trials 1 time in started ducks and 1 time in started sheep. Gio qualified both runs and got 1 place in both. She as well got won High in Trial started other breed. 


ABCD Trials

November 2022


We started our first trial under Border Collies, a team trial. Fun to try, builded up like a farm trial. Gio got place 7 from 12 with her team partner and last place on day two. She was working very hard and I´m super proud of her. Sadly we've got a really diffucult group compared to all the other runs. But very nice training... and she was the Baby ;-)

January 2023


Class 1 Trial: Gioia did very well but kept a big distance while driving. I didn´t know the rules well enough, so we lost a lot of points.