WTCH Krabbe of 99 Oaks DNA-CP

Health and Facts


June 23.2003 - October 2013

ASCA Reg# E128734

black, white, copper

51 cm

long Tail


HD: A2

MDR1: +/- (carrier)

Eyes: clear

full scissor bite


Breeder: Wolfgang Müller

Sire: Lenny Ghost Blue Eye

Dam: Packy of Northsealand


How everything started…

As a child I used to help a shepherd with his sheep, moving sheep and helping his dog to do the job (because it didn´t do it by itself) and raising bottle lambs. My main goal for my future life was to have sheep someday and a useful dog ;-). So after finishing my education as a teacher and moving out of the city I searched for a herding dog. Not being able to have sheep right from the away I didn´t dare to buy a Border Collie. I got in touch with Aussies and tried to find a litter in  the Internet... but in 2003 it took "hours" to open up a website. Finally I found one litter with one female left. She was mine! Knowing almost nothing our adventure started.

Krabbe was my companion, where ever we went, whatever we did. Looking back, I know how lucky I was to find an Aussie like her, very open and friendly to people, easy in daily life and very easy to train with a lot of will to please. When Krabbe turned 3 I finally found somebody to go for herding lessons. But Sandra Zilch (S Bar L) lives 700km away, too far for weekly training. So we went to clinics all over Germany for the next two years. In 2008, I bought my little farm with 3ha of land. Since then I raise my own sheep, ducks and geese. I was already more than hooked into herding. First I started to organize clinics on my farm, then to give lessons by myself and to have  ASCA Herding Trials.

But back to my female Krabbe! Compared to my working line Aussies she missed some natural instinct. But it was so easy to teach her everything she was missing. I just had to tell her what was wrong and she offered me an alternative. With only two month of intense training at my farm I was able to trial her trough all classes. It only took me two more years to finish her WTCH because we only saw cattle at trials.

I raised two litters of puppies with her. 

Krabbe was the best first Aussies ever!!! 

Krabbe X Houston

Krabbes first litter with Honky Tonk Houston of Gearhart (Mistretta lines) was born in 2006. We´ve had 5 wonderful black puppies. 

Krabbe X Rufus

Krabbes second litter with WTCH Rafter MT Coal Tuff was born in 2008 and produced 8 black and red puppies.