Puppy Plans

summer 2021

Lio X Ty

WTCH S Bas L Liocarcinus Crown DNA-VP X Doc Piepers Halcon Atigrado                    

                                                                                                                      ATDsd OTDc OFTDc DNA-VP

Lio´s third and last litter is planned for spring/summer 2021. The sire of the litter will be Ty, bred and owned by Kay Pieper. With this litter we` ´ll come close in the same direction as Lio´s first litter and add some "Vest-blood". This pedigree includes only proofen dogs out of working lines. The puppies are expected to be powerful and trainable working dogs for all kinds of stock. Puppies will only be sold with jobs. Feel free to ask about more information. Waiting list has started and is filling up already.