Crofter Holding´s Toro Colorado OTDdsc

Health and Facts


11.02.2007 - 08.02.2022

ASCA Reg# E153837

red merle, white, copper

54 cm

log Tail


HD/ED: B/ 1


Eyes: clear

full scissor bite


Breeder: Marianne Dahlin-Larsson


sire: Ceadarwoods Twin Rapture DNA-CP

dam: WTCH Crofter Holding´s Chicavaquera           DNA-CP


Cozmo was Mattias second dog (he has had one Groenendael trained for Search and Rescue before). This dog was bought from Marianne and Gunnar at Crofter Holding’s in Sweden. The main goal for Cozmo was to train Search and Rescue. He has been training that his whole life and added to that worked as a resource for the Swedish Missing People.

After a kennel meeting with herding as one possible tryout Mattias was hooked on that as well.

Cozmo was trained and trialed at all stock and has been a good teacher for Mattias to get a good foundation for training herding dogs.


Cozmo is a happy dog that goes good with all dogs that he knows. He has been easy to train with a whole lot of will to please. The bond between Cozmo and Mattias is very strong. Now days Cozmo is living a nice life as a retired old guy.