Two Coasts´Gamba of Nineveh DNA-VP OTDds STDc

Health and Facts


June 29.2008 - August 11. 2021


ASCA Reg.# E160293

red merle, white

50 cm

docked tail


HD/ED: A1 / 0

OCD: free

MDR: N/N (free)

full scissor bite


Breeder: Beth DeLozier

Sire: Sartstuff Rapture Ready DNA-VP

Dam: Nineveh´s Letér Buck LeDoux DNA-VP


Gamba is the funniest and most complicated dog in my pack. I imported her from the States as I was looking for a special pedigree. She was my second Aussie and at that time I was not prepared at all for what I´ve got in my hands. Gamba has a very high drive and loves to play any games you ask her for, toys, nosework, agility… She is overall happy to spend time with her family. At the same time she is a very unsecure dog, but it´s easily misinterpreted because she compensates her insecurity with being very hard or aggressiv. She doesn´t like unknown dogs at all. Aggression is her first offer before she would maybe ask to play. The first years she also had problems with most men, which fortunately she has overcome. New places stress her out.  

In general she has big problems with pressure. Her solution is to give it forward, no matter what. When I started training her on stock the first years nobody could help me to analyze this problem and show me how to help her and build her up in a nice manner. She looked like a very hard dog on stock. The answer of being hard on her was the totally wrong road and made things getting worse. Meeting Tanya Wheeler in 2013 changed my world and opened my eyes. 


She was my biggest teacher in the world of herding. Without her I would not be where I am right now. But still I´m sorry that I´ve made so many mistakes with her and it took me so many years to understand who she is and how she sees the world. she will always be in my heart!!!