Herding Results Lio


WEWASC Merit List 2019

ASCA Eidertrials 2019

Son Moody smells trial air for the first time.

Lio was so happy to come back to work after her puppy break. She did very well as usual with constant results qualifying all runs on sheep and geese with nice results and places. I still need to collect more experience and confidence on cattle. I´m very happy with my sweet girl!

AHBA Trials 2019

We ran this year arena and field trials on all stock. What busy AHBA trials!!! Im very proud we qualified all runs and always under the first 3 places. Lio is now:

HTAD I on cattel

HTAD III on ducks and sheep

HTD II on ducks and sheep


She also got High Combined HTD II !!!!


WEWASC Merit List 2018

adv. sheep             place 6             score 534

adv. ducks             place 5             score 539

adv. cattle             place 7              score 289

ASCA Eidertrials 2018

Lio finished her WTCH titel on the first day of trials. She got 6 times High in trial advanced and High combined non WTCH all weekend. She qualified all runs on geese and sheep, most times over 100, highest score 117 on sheep

AHBA Trials 2018

Lio got her first AHBA titels: