Lio X Bow Puppies 2017



10 puppies

4 boys (2 red merle, 2 red)

6 girls (3 red merle, 3 red)


This cross produced 10 very nice and healthy puppies, born and raised without any complications. Lio is a wonderful mum. She is not protective but cares a lot for her puppies, raising them with confidence, consequence and calmness. The pups live all over Europe now, Slowenia, Finland, Denmark and Germany and excel in different dog activities like herding, search and rescue, therapie work, nose work,...

I´m very happy with this litter! Thank´s to Nicole Brinkmann who let me breed to her wonderful Bow!



Minka passed her first Exam to be a future

"Search and Rescue dog".

June 2019


Congratulations Ljubo!!!



Urs made his exam as a "Pädagogikbegleithund"

June 2019


Congratulations Kati!!! 


Pepples passed her first Test to be a future

"search and rescue dog".



Congratulations Petra!!!


Lempi competed in her first ASCA Agility Trial. She got 2 Q´s and her "Novice Jumper" title.

July 2019


Congratulations Aija!!!