WTCH S Bar L Liocarcinus Crown DNA-VP HTD IIds HTAD Ic IIIsd

Health and Facts


April 08.2014 - August 27.2021

ASCA Reg# E186606

red merle, white, copper

51 cm

long Tail


HD/ED: A1 / 0

OCD: free

MDR1, HSF4, DM, prcd-PRA: N/N (clear)CEA/CH: N/A (carrier)

Eyes: clear

full scissor bite


Breeder: Sandra Zilch


Lio was a very confident and friendly dog, easy to handle in all situations in daily life. In the house she was quiet, loves to relax and to be cuddled. Lio was the best mum ever, did love to have puppies and raise the gang. She did a pefect job to lead our pack. She was very easy to train outside stock with a lot of will to please. On stock she was a very strong dog. She would never quit work or leave, no matter how hard the job was. She did know her jobs and could solve a lot of problems by her own. It was a lot of fun trialing her. She was very stable and didn´t adapt emotions from my site. She earned her WTCH with 4 years old and was my right hand on the farm. 

Lio, my Lionheart! You will be loved and missed forever!

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